Shipping and return policies for Anomalie

Shipping Info
Métropole EP on Vinyl shipped through Qrates:

* Please note that these delivery times are only estimates based on our previous experience of sending to your country.

United States: 5-9 working days.
UK and Northern Ireland: 1-2 working days.
Western Europe (excluding France & Italy): 3-5 working days.
France, Italy and Eastern Europe: 5-15 working days.
Rest of the world: 5-9 working days.

Return Policy
Métropole EP on Vinyl shipped through Qrates:

* Depending on factors beyond our control (for example local delivery problems, and customs inspections/delays) this can take longer. Your parcel is insured against loss, theft or damage, so if you have not received your parcel within 28 days of your shipped confirmation email (10 days for UK customers and 6 weeks for France, Italy, South America and Africa), then you should contact us through our customer services form and we will refund or replace the order as required.